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What is the advantage and example situation of printer sharing?

A print server allows printers to be shared by everyone on the network. Printer sharing is not as important as file sharing, but it is a useful network service. The advantages of printer sharing are: Fewer printers are needed, and less money is spent on printers and supplies .

A hardware print server is always available to all users . A computer that shares a printer always prioritizes the printing tasks. A hardware print server will have more memory to store the print job than a computer will have that shares a printer.

In computer networking, a print server, or printer server , is a type of server that connects printers to client computers over a network.

What are two functions of a print server? (Choose two.)

What are the functions of a print server?

Put simply, print servers connect printers to client devices like laptops over a network . The server accepts print jobs and sends them to the designated printer. Direct IP printing is the most common alternative to print servers. In this method, users send print jobs from their own devices straight to a printer.

Types of print servers The method of connecting to the network, modern print servers are generally divided into two types - wired and wireless ones . At the same time, connection to the printer can be done via a serial or USB port.

What are two potential disadvantages of replacing printer consumables with parts or components that are not recommended by the manufacturer? - Nonrecommended parts may be less expensive . - Print quality may be poor. - Nonrecommended parts may be more readily available.

Correct Answer a digital color photograph Refer to curriculum topic : 8.1. 1 The more complex the structure of the printout , the more time it takes to print . Photo quality picture , high quality text , and draft text are less complex than a digital color photograph .

What software enables users to set and change printer options select one?

What software enables users to set and change printer options? Explanation: A printer driver is software that allows a computer and a printer to communicate with each other. Configuration software enables users to set and change printer options.

Explanation: Resetting the page counters will assist in documenting printer usage and planning future maintenance.

Advantages of Print Servers

The Disadvantages of Printer Sharing on Peer to Peer

What is printer sharing situation example?

Printer sharing allows you to make an attached printer available to other computer users on the network. For example, a color printer is attached to a central computer in your home. You share the color printer .

1. The computer sharing the printer uses its own resources to manage all the print jobs coming to the printer. 2. The computer directly connected to the printer always needs to be powered on, even if not in use .

The printing basically depends on character codes, which makes elaborate layouts unavailable . Limits the fonts and font sizes. An internal data processing of the printer may take a long time when processing a large amount of data.